Transit Projects

Proposed Lawrence Transit Center

Brief Description

Since its inception in December 2000, the Lawrence Transit System has provided a service that has been primarily focused on the traditional Downtown (Massachusetts Street). During this time, the primary location for transfers between various routes has been at on-street locations. In recent years, the opportunities for continued on-street transfer operations has been dramatically reduced. With continued development and changing downtown environments, the Lawrence Transit System has been forced to relocate this location several times. During this period of time, there have also been several attempts to find off-street locations and opportunities to incorporate transit in downtown development projects, all of which have failed. This study would seek to address this critical issue by identifying and prioritizing locations that could possibly serve as the primary transfer location for the coordinated public transit service in the City of Lawrence.

Project Goal

The goal of this project will be to identify and prioritize locations that can be utilized by Lawrence Transit as the primary transfer location for the coordinated public transit service. This location would not only serve as the primary transfer location but would also provide the opportunity for access to various alternative modes of transportation (i.e. biking, intercity bus). The site would also allow for the off-street staging of numerous vehicles at one time. Appropriately designed, the center would provide adequate space for mitigation between adjacent property owners and/or alternative land uses. The ultimate goal of an appropriately designed and located center would be an improved quality of service for our present and future passengers.

Additional Information