Bus Stop Improvement Program

Program Overview

Lawrence Transit’s Bus Stop Improvement Program includes efforts through multiple processes to improve bus stops on an ongoing basis. In a given year, bus stops may be improved through:

  • Annual operational budget
  • In coordination with the MSO Street Maintenance Program
  • In coordination with discrete MSO street or sidewalk projects
  • In coordination with private development
  • As part of a competitive state or federal grant award

There are currently 376 bus stops, with stats shown below for the percent of stops with ADA-compliant boarding pads, shelters, benches, and bike racks.

376 Total Stops

180 ADA Boarding Pads (48%)
65 Shelters (17%)
54 Benches (14%)
24 Bike Racks (6%)

Status + Timeline + Next Steps



Upcoming Milestones

2022 Street Maintenance Program: 6 stops to be improved (Estimated Complete Q4 2022) – In Progress
2022 Private Development – Kwik Shop: 2 stops to be improved (Estimate Complete Q3 2022) – Complete
2022 East 19th Street Project: 4 stops to be improved (Estimated Complete Q1 2023) – In Progress
2022 AIC Program Bus Stop Improvements: 19 stops to be improved (Estimated Complete Q4 2023) – Not Started
2022-23 23rd Street Project: 6 stops to be improved (Estimated Complete Q1 2024) – Not Started

Next Steps

  • Improvements to 8 bus stops are currently underway as part of the 2022 Street Maintenance Program and a private development near 25th & Iowa. These improvements will add 8 ADA boarding pads, 2 shelters, and 2 bike racks.

Completed + Supporting Documentation

Documents + Background Information

Annual Progress