About Us

Mission Statement

Together, the City of Lawrence and University of Kansas will provide safe, convenient, affordable, reliable and responsive public transportation services to enhance the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community.

Lawrence Transit System

Lawrence Transit System is a service of the City of Lawrence. Policies for Lawrence Transit System are set by the Lawrence City Commission, with recommendations from the Public Transit Advisory Committee.

PO Box 708
Lawrence, KS 66044

The Lawrence Transit System does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national origin, age, ancestry, sexual orientation or disability in the provision of transportation services and transit-related benefits. Those who feel they have been discriminated against may file a complaint with the Public Transit Administrator, the Federal Transit Administration, and/or the U. S. Department of Transportation.

KU on Wheels

KU on Wheels is the transit system of the University of Kansas, a division of KU Parking & Transit. Policies for KU on Wheels are set by the Provost based upon recommendations from the university’s Transit Commission.

KU Transportation Services
Allen Fieldhouse Parking Garage
1501 Irving Hill Road
Lawrence, KS 66045

The University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression, and genetic information. Those who feel they have been discriminated against may file a complaint with the KU Office of Civil Rights & Title IX.