Mobile Tools

Trip planning

To plan your trip, type in your destination to Transit App or Google Maps to see what stop and route you need for your trip. Both of these trip planning tools will give you options for determining when you want to travel. The default trip will show times for the next available bus, but you can select options to leave at a different time, or to arrive at your destination by a certain time. Learn more about trip planning using Google Maps. Download the Transit app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Real-time app

Check out our free bus app with real-time data. Available by searching “My Bus Lawrence.” For iPhone, download from the Apple App Store. For Android, download from Google Play.

Real-time text

Step 1: Find your stop number located on the map or at the bus stop sign.
Step 2: Send a text to 41411. The text message should be formatted as follows: TRIP ### (### = bus stop number). For example, if you are waiting at bus stop #173 at the Kansas Union, your text message would be TRIP 173.
Step 3: Press send and you will receive the next bus arrival times for that stop.