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Route 30 Detour

University & Crestline Construction

Due to construction on Crestline, Route 30 will make a right turn on Brittany Place from University, make a right turn on Compton Sq, left turn on Chelsea, left on Dover, then a right on Crestline back on route. Stop 291 at University & Crestline will be closed.

Routes 42& 44 Detour

18th Street Construction Detour

Due to construction on 18th Street East of Naismith. Routes 42 & 44 will not enter the Rec Center Area. Stops 228 – 18th @ Naismith, 389 – Ambler Student Recreation & Fitness Center, and 226 – Capital Federal Hall will be closed. Routes will instead stop on Naismith at 257 – Cap Fed Hall and 258 – Allen Fieldhouse to service that area.

Route 1

11th & Haskell Construction Detour

Starting Monday March 20, 2023 -Due to construction at 11th and Haskell the following reroute will be taken: Southbound: Delaware to 11th, Right on 11th to Connecticut, left on Connecticut to 15th, Left on 15th to Haskell, right on Haskell back on route. Stops 279 11th & Delaware, 361 Haskell & 12th, and 100 Haskell & 15th  will be closed.  Northbound will have no reroute.

23rd Street Construction Detour

Due to 23rd street closure, Route 1 will be on the following reroute to meet transfers from Route 5 and Route 15.

Northbound: Normal Route

Southbound: Change at 23rd and O’Connell: left on O’Connell, right on Venture Park Dr, left on Greenway Cir, right on Greenway Dr, left on E Hills Dr, right on 23rd, left on Franklin back on route. Route 1 will hold at the Amarr bus stop for transfers from Routes 5 and 15.

Affected Stops: 23rd and Harper (Stop 58) Closed


Route 5

23rd Street Construction Detour

Eastbound: will have no stops from Haskell University until East Hills.

Affected stops: 23rd and Haskell (stop 70), 23rd and Pondarosa (stop 92), 23rd and Harper (stop 58) are closed.

Westbound: Route 5 will still take transfers at 23rd and Harper.

Route 6

Queens Rd Construction Detour

Eastbound: Will continue on Rock Chalk Dr. East of George Williams Way, continues on Wakarusa Dr. East of Queens Rd back on route.

Affected stops: Overland & Stoneridge (stop 239) and Overland & Eisenhower (stop 164) are closed.

Westbound: On Overland, West of Wakarusa, Left on Congressional, Right on 6th, Right on George Williams, back on route.

Affected stops: Overland & Stoneridge (stop 240) and Overland & Eisenhower (stop 165) are closed.

Route 15

Barker Ave Construction between 19th and 15th 

Northbound: 19th to Learnard Ave, right onto Learnard Ave to 15th, left onto 15th to Connecticut, right onto to Connecticut back on route.

Southbound: Connecticut to 15th, left onto 15th to Learnard Ave, right onto Learnard Ave to 19th, left on 19th back on route.

Affected Stops:

Southbound-Barker & Johnson (Stop 137) is closed.

Northbound-Barker & Johnson (Stop 326) and Barker &17th St (Stop 98) are closed.


23rd Street Construction Detour

Northbound: Leaving East Hills, Route 15 will take O’Connell to 25th Terrace to Harper and back on route.

Affected stops: 23rd & Harper (stop 60) and 25th Terr. & Harper (stop 324) are closed.  Temporary stop #324 will be on Harper south of 25th Terr (see map)

Southbound: @25th and Harper: Right on 25th Terrace, Left on O’Connell back on route.

Affected stops:  23rd & Harper (stop 58) is closed.