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Closure of Eastbound 13th between Oread and Louisiana starting 11/22 until 12/1

Routes 10, 30, 36, 43

All routes leaving Union North will proceed to 12th St, right on 12th St to Louisiana, Left on Louisiana back on route.

11th and Haskell Construction starting 10/27 until TBD

Route 1

Northbound: Haskell to 15th, Left on 15th to Connecticut, right on Connecticut to 11th, Right on 11th to Delaware, Left on Delaware back on route.

Southbound: Delaware to 11th, Right on 11th to Connecticut, left on Connecticut to 15th, Left on 15th to Haskell, right on Haskell back on route.

9th and Tennessee Construction starting 10/19 until TBD

Route 10

Eastbound: No Change.

Westbound:  7th Street to New Hampshire to 9th and back on route.

19th and Harper Construction starting 9/20 until TBD

Route 1

Northbound: Proceed straight on 23rd to Haskell. Right on Haskell. Left on 11th to continue on regular route.

Southbound: Proceed straight Haskell to 23rd. Left on 23rd street.

23rd Street Long Term Construction starting 7/5/22 until December 2023


Affected stops are being closed while construction is ongoing.

Eastbound: stops closed: 23rd and Haskell (Stop 70), 23rd and Pondarosa (Stop 92), 23rd and Harper (Stop 58).

Westbound: stops closed: Harper Rd (Stop 60), Silicon Ave (Stop 93), Haskell Ave (Stop 71).

***Starting 7/6, both Eastbound lanes will be closed. One lane of Eastbound traffic will be carried in the existing inside westbound lane during this phase.

Route 1

Northbound: No change.

Southbound: @ 23rd and O’Connell: left on O’Connell, right on Venture Park Dr, left on Greenway Cir, right on Greenway Dr, left on E Hills Dr, right on 23rd, left on Franklin back on route. Route 1 will hold at the Amarr bus stop for transfers from Routes 5 and 15.

Due to 23rd street closure, Route 1 will be on the following reroute to meet transfers from Route 5 and Route 15.

In an effort to help the passengers who normally make transfers from Route 5 to Route 1; we will be using a hybrid 5/1 route rover that will be running continuously. The hybrid will start at 31st and Iowa and follow Route 5 until it reaches 23rd and Harper, where it will change into Route 1. Passengers not wishing to transfer to Route 1 will remain on Route 5.

All passengers requiring a transfer from Route 1 to Route 5 starting at 700 Vermont can take the alternate route of Route 7 and transfer to Route 5.

Route 5

Eastbound: will have no stops from HINU until East Hills.

Westbound: Route 5 will still take transfers at 23rd and Harper.

Route 15

Northbound: Leaving East Hills 1501 will take O’Connell to 25th Terrace to Harper and back on route. 15 will miss southbound 25th and Harper (Stop 324).

Southbound: @25th and Harper: Right on 25th Terrace, Left on O’Connell back on route.