General Rules

Passengers who do not follow regulations are subject to removal from transit vehicles.

Prohibited activities on the bus

  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes
  • Eating, drinking, running, littering
  • Loud or intrusive use of profanity
  • Disorderly conduct or conduct that could pose a threat to public safety
  • Solicitation for commercial or non-commercial purposes
  • Vandalism, graffiti
  • Taking up more than one seat in a way that limits other passengers’ accessibility
  • Placing feet on seats
  • Inappropriate or distracting conversation with the driver
  • Listening to electronic equipment without headsets
  • Remaining on the bus with no expectation of a one-way trip
  • Sleeping on the bus or in bus shelters
  • Traveling with pets other than trained service animals
  • Placing hands, arms, head, or personal belongings outside of the bus

Prohibited carry-on items

  • Items too large or too numerous to be reasonably controlled by a passenger
  • Hazardous materials
  • Firearms or other weapons
  • Items that would block the aisle or require the use of an additional seat, with the exception of small grocery carts used responsibly and safely
  • Strollers and/or shopping carts that cannot be easily moved for passenger accessibility and safety at the discretion of the driver
  • Open containers of alcoholic beverages, drink or food

Passengers are required to

  • Board the vehicle only at the front door allowing passengers to exit first
  • Wear shirt and shoes
  • Pay one-way fare upon boarding
  • Request a transfer, if needed, upon boarding to complete a one-way trip
  • Remain seated while vehicle is in motion, hold small children securely, and keep aisles clear
  • If standing, remain behind the white line and hold onto the stanchions or overhead railings