Bus Stop Improvements Are a Community Effort

August 30, 2021

Beautiful new benches and shelters have recently been installed at 19 bus stops around Lawrence. Many of these new bus stop amenities are the product of partnerships with Lawrence area entities that see the importance of giving back to their community.

Four of the new shelters were constructed by Peaslee Tech students. The wooden shelters were paid for through a grant from United Way and AARP that helped with the costs of constructing and installing these amenities. The shelters are located at Nieder & 31st Street, 31st & Harrison Avenue, Crossgate & Clinton Parkway, and Stewart & 21st Street.

Other community partnerships include a painted bench located at 4th & Maine Street, donated by Girl Scouts Troop 5177, a painted bench at 19th & Massachusetts Street donated by the First United Methodist Church, and a railroad themed bench at Haskell & 12th Street donated by Struct/Restruct, LLC.

Adding to the efforts that the community has made, there were 7 bus shelters that were adorned with artwork from Van Go students earlier this year. The vinyl artwork was also paid for through the United Way/AARP grant.

In addition to the community sponsored bus stop amenities, Lawrence Transit has been moving ahead with installing 12 new benches and shelters at various bus stops in Lawrence. These shelters are perforated metal structures, providing a wind break, shade and seating for riders waiting for their bus.

“The new bus stop amenities provide a much more pleasant bus riding experience for our passengers” said Adam Weigel, Transit and Parking Manager. “Each improvement adds to the pride we take in our transit system and the community spirit of Lawrence.”

Lawrence Transit will also be constructing a new transfer center at Bob Billings and Crestline which will be completed in August 2022. The bus stop improvements, as well as a new transfer center and redesigned routes will add to the comfort and ease of riding transit in Lawrence.