Route Redesign

Route Redesign Implementation

Lawrence Transit, the coordinated City of Lawrence and University of Kansas bus system, is preparing to implement new routes in 2024. City and University staff have worked closely with the public since late 2020 to explore new route ideas, discuss new on-demand service models for overnight and Sunday, and add value for existing and new passengers.


February 2024 Transit Guide

Public Engagement

In May and June of 2023, Transit staff spoke to over 300 riders at 14 events about upcoming route changes. In mid-December, Transit staff will be tabling at the downtown bus stop on Vermont Street across from the Lawrence Public Library.

New Route Features

  • Interlining. Interlined routes reduce transfers and create more bi-directional service for a faster trip home. The same buses operate back and forth between two routes. Riders won’t need to get off the bus to transfer from one route to the other.
  • On-demand service. Sunday service will be introduced as an on-demand service that functions like Uber and Lyft, but will use transit vehicles and drivers. Anyone can request a trip to and from any location within Lawrence city limits between the hours of 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Sunday using a smartphone app or dialing a phone number. Night Line will also become an on-demand service, increasing same-day access to evening trips between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Monday – Saturday.
  • Peak and off-peak frequencies. Based on community interest, Lawrence Transit is piloting Sunday service. To afford this change, transit trips in the middle of the day on fixed-route will be less frequent, and trips during the morning and afternoon commute times will be every half hour or better across all routes.
  • Fare Free. Federal stimulus funds provide the opportunity to afford a 1-year pilot of fare free in 2023. One of many reasons to pilot fare free service is to make it even easier to explore new route changes.

Project Overview

With the development of Central Station at Bob Billings & Crestline Drive, bus routes will be redesigned to better serve this new transfer center and the community at large. Route Redesign will go into effect in two phases, with Phase 1 in August 2022 and Phase 2 in 2023. Phase 2 will include the introduction of Sunday microtransit service, as well as fare free service system-wide.

Status + Timeline + Next Steps


In Progress


Project Start: September 2020
Project End: January 2024

Milestone 1: Complete KU Urban Planning Study (December 2020) – Completed
Milestone 2: Establish Route Redesign Steering Committee (May 2021) – Completed
Milestone 3: Complete Task 1, Existing Conditions and Market Analysis, Route Profiles (June 2021) – Completed
Milestone 4: Complete Task 2, Pre-Scenario Public Outreach (October 2021) – Completed
Milestone 5: Develop 2 Exploratory Route Scenarios – Completed
Milestone 6: Develop Final Proposed Route Changes – Completed
Milestone 7: Develop Final Planned Route Changes – Completed
Milestone 8: Implement Phase 1 Route Redesign (August 2022) – Completed
Milestone 9: Implement Phase 2 Route Redesign (January 2024) – Completed

Next Steps

Route Redesign was fully implemented on 1/2/24.

Completed + Supporting Documentation

KU Urban Planning Study – Fall 2020

Milestone 1

Route Redesign Study – Spring 2021

Milestone 2

About the consultants
Steering Committee

Milestone 3

Milestone 4

Milestone 5

Milestone 6

Milestone 7