Central Station

Project Overview

Since 2010, Lawrence Transit has operated the majority of bus transfers from temporary locations in Downtown. Site selection studies in 2014 and 2018, in addition to a TIGER grant application in 2016, informed potential viable sites for a permanent facility. In July 2020 the City and University of Kansas agreed to develop Central Station on university property located at Bob Billings & Crestline Drive.

Because the project site is not located near a current transfer area, a Route Redesign Study was conducted in 2021-2022 to take advantage of this new facility. In the course of the Route Redesign Study, it became clear that permanent improvements for Downtown transfers are required to facilitate routes that will still operate in that area. Downtown improvements remain on Lawrence Transit’s priority list, but are now separate from the Central Station project.

Upon completion of Central Station, it will be served by 7 local routes and 2 regional routes, with 5 routes continuing to serve Downtown Lawrence.

Status + Timeline + Next Steps


In Progress


Project Start: July 2020
Project End: Q2 2023

Milestone 1: City of Lawrence and University of Kansas sign MOU for Bob Billings & Crestline site (July 2020) – Completed
Milestone 2: Conduct Public Outreach and Concept Design (April 2021–August 2021) – Completed
Milestone 3: Develop Design + Engineering Documents (August 2021–July 2022) – In Progress
Milestone 4: Award Contractor (Estimated September 2022) – Not Started
Milestone 5: Begin Construction (Estimated October 2022) – Not Started
Milestone 6: Complete Construction (Estimated Q2 2023) – Not Started

Next Steps

The project is moving out of the planning phase and into the construction phase as bid documents are finalized. Construction should begin in Fall 2022, with the intent to complete earthwork and paving needs before winter. Much of the work on the building portion of the project is anticipated to occur in early 2023.

Downtown transit improvements, a related project, is expected to restart public engagement before the end of 2022. More than $1.6 million of state funds have been awarded for Downtown, and the bulk of public outreach, site selection, and concept design is anticipated to happen in 2023, with construction likely in 2024. For more information about Downtown improvements, please visit the Downtown Station project page.

Completed + Supporting Documentation

Project partners

Prior Studies + Background Information

Central Station Project Milestones

Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

Milestone 4

Milestone 5

Milestone 6