Transit staff seeks feedback on new routes and schedules

January 2, 2024

New bus routes and schedules have started this week, and transit staff are ready to listen to rider feedback to see what’s going well and what could be improved in the future.

A survey is available at Comments received will guide August 2024 route changes. Lawrence Transit will be back to its regular schedule of making changes once annually, in August.

“We know that route changes always bring a little uncertainty to riders, and especially this year with major route changes,” said Adam Weigel, Transit & Parking Manager. “We want to hear about any issues related to timing, transfers, or other unanticipated issues that may arise with route changes. This feedback will be critical to making adjustments in August to make the service better.”

In January, transit staff will be spending time at the Downtown and Central Station bus platforms to listen to riders’ questions and concerns. Below are a few frequently asked questions that may help guide transit riders to more information.

  • Why did routes need to change?
    Routes are changing to better serve the new Central Station transit center at Bob Billings & Crestline.
  • Who makes decisions about route changes?
    2024 route changes were decided through an 18-month Route Redesign Study with input from hundreds of riders.
  • Why do buses come less frequently at diff­erent times of day?
    To aff­ord Sunday service, lower-ridership trips on weekdays and Saturdays were removed.
  • I’m confused and need help, what do I do?
    Call customer service at 785-864-4644, or email to schedule personalized Travel Training.
  • How can I give feedback on what’s working and what’s not working?
    Please take our survey. Your comments will guide August 2024 route changes.