New bus stop signs paint the town

August 19, 2013

What’s so important about a bus stop sign? A lot, if you are trying to catch a bus. New bus stop signs have been installed all over Lawrence and on the KU campus. They have been catching the eye of a lot of folks around town.

The new colorful bus stop signs are round, lower to the ground and face both directions for easier viewing, especially for pedestrians. Below that sign, there is a rectangular sign that shows the stop number. This will be used for future technology applications.

“Making bus stops easier to recognize is a way of helping our customers with their transportation needs,” said Robert Nugent, Transit Administrator. “We believe that the new bus stop signs, along with other services and amenities, will make it easier for anyone to ride the bus in Lawrence.”

The City of Lawrence and the University of Kansas have coordinated their transit systems to provide timely and efficient bus service in Lawrence. Efforts have been made so that the two systems work together seamlessly, and the new bus stop signs are just another step in that direction.