Lawrence Transit incorporates public feedback for route and schedule changes effective August 1

July 8, 2024

Bus route and schedule changes were made in January and February this year, due to the opening of Central Station, the implementation of the Route Redesign Study, and feedback from riders. Going forward, Lawrence Transit will be back on track to make changes once annually, in August each year.

Major changes this year include:

Route 1
Route changed to serve the Lawrence Community Shelter directly. Times updated to match new route travel time. Bus stops added to best serve realigned route.

Route 2
Route changed to serve Peterson Road and West Middle School. Times updated to match new route travel time. Bus stops added and moved to best serve realigned route.

Route 4
Route changed to serve 11th Street to/from Downtown instead of 9th Street. This was the original route plan from the 2021 Route Redesign Study, but construction blocked 11th Street in 2024.

Routes 7 and 9
Route extended to 33rd & Michigan to more closely serve Union at the Loop and Nest housing developments.

Minor changes include:

Route 10
Bus stops added to more closely serve the Social Security office.

For more details, view a preview of the Transit Guide online at, as well as the August 2024 Route Changes Report, which includes feedback received from the public and from bus drivers.
Printed copies of the Transit Guide will be available in late July. They will be distributed at grocery stores, City Hall, Lawrence Public Library, several locations across the KU campus and on all buses.

To get help planning a trip on the bus or for more information, visit or call (785) 864-4644. Find Lawrence Transit on Facebook: @LawrenceTransit.

Contact: Adam Weigel, Lawrence Transit, (785) 832-3464