Bus route and schedule changes begin August 1

July 27, 2022

The first round of changes to bus routes and schedules will begin on Monday, August 1. With the development of Central Station at Bob Billings & Crestline Drive, bus routes have been redesigned to better serve this new transfer center and the community at large.

Route redesign will go into effect in two phases, with Phase 1 in August 2022 and Phase 2 in 2023. Phase 2 will include the introduction of Sunday microtransit service, as well as a pilot program for fare free service system-wide. See for Phase 2 changes that will go into effect in 2023.

Changes for Phase 1

Changes for routes 11 and 12 will happen on Aug. 1. Route 42 will change over when road construction is completed on campus. Changes for Routes 30, 34, 36, and 38 will happen on Aug. 22. Service for Route 53 begins on Aug. 26.

Route 11 has a simplified route structure, improving travel times while serving South Iowa retail and housing through Ridge Ct, 24th St, and Naismith Dr. Transfer to Route 10 to get downtown.

Route 12 (formerly 29) is re-aligned to serve Bob Billings and Kasold while maintaining service from KU’s campus to Southwest Lawrence.

Route 30 is shortened, eliminating service to 14th & Apple Lane (now served by Route 12 on Bob Billings).

Route 34 is interlined with Route 38 on Mississippi St to serve Jayhawk Blvd and the Central District in both directions.

Route 36 is extended to serve residential areas near 6th & Kasold. Residents from Gateway Drive will be able to board on 6th St.

Route 38 is extended to The Reserve to replace Route 11 with bi-directional service for residents near 25th & Melrose.

Routes 41 and 42 are being combined to streamline service and create new connections between West Campus, Daisy Hill, Rec Center, and Jayhawk Blvd. This route will continue to have limited service year-round when classes are not in session.

Route 53 is a new late-night fixed route connecting campus to downtown to alleviate high demand on SafeRide.

Maps and schedules are available at, where you can view individual route data or a PDF of the full Transit Guide. Printed copies of the Transit Guide will be available in early August. They will be distributed at grocery stores, City Hall, Lawrence Public Library, several locations across the KU campus and on all buses.