Bus app provides trip planning and bus tracking in one

December 20, 2023

The new app for planning and tracking bus trips has a name that is easy to remember—it’s simply called ‘Transit.’

Transit is a leader in the field of public transportation trip planning and real-time information. It works in more than 300 cities worldwide, and Lawrence is one of them.

The biggest improvement for riders will be the ability to have trip planning and bus tracking together in a single app. Right now, riders use an app called My Bus Lawrence for bus tracking, and that is being phased out. Google Maps is also a good option for trip planning, and now provides the same real-time information.

“We have been working on all fronts to make the rider experience simpler and more convenient,” said Adam Weigel, Transit & Parking Manager. “Transit is clear, easy to use, and works in other cities that riders may travel to without having to download a new app.”

If riders would like to preview the new routes and schedules that go into effect on January 2, Transit provides a preview mode. A recent post on the Lawrence Transit Facebook page shows a tutorial.

For more information and links to download Transit, please visit the Mobile Tools page of the website.