Student summer pass FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Summer Bus Pass?

The Student Summer Bus Pass provides unlimited bus rides for young people during the summer months. It is designed to provide the opportunity to become more independent and teach the youth of Lawrence how to ride the bus. It also reduces the dependency on automobiles, improves air quality and teaches students to develop an appreciation for alternative transportation.

What is the cost of the Summer Bus Pass?

It is only $10.00 for the pass.

Who can use the Summer Student Bus Pass?

The bus pass is only for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. It is best if the students also carry a student ID just in case the driver asks them to confirm their eligibility for using the pass.

What is the time frame for the Summer Student Bus Pass?

The pass can only be used during the summer, June 1 – August 31, 2014.

Where can students go on the bus?

Students can ride any city bus during the specified period on the pass. Places that students may want to go on the bus are libraries, parks, movies, shopping, summer programs and recreational centers.

Once the summer is over, how do students buy a bus pass?

Students can buy a reduced fare bus pass for $17.00 per month (full fare is $34.00).

Is it safe for a young person to ride the bus?

Buses are generally safe, but it is really up to the parents to decide whether their children are ready to travel on a bus.

How does a student find out how to ride the bus or to find a schedule?

The information on how to ride the bus can be found at or call customer service at 864-4644. Bus drivers are also available to assist passengers.

Where can the bus passes be purchased?

The Student Summer Bus Pass can be purchased at City Hall (starting May 1), the Indoor Aquatic Center (starting May 19), and the Outdoor Aquatic Center (starting May 24).

If a bus pass is lost or stolen, can it be replaced?

No, a new bus pass will need to be purchased.

Are bicycles allowed on the bus?

All City of Lawrence T Buses are equipped with bike racks on the front of the bus with room for two bikes. Please let the driver know that you will be putting a bike on the bus or taking a bike off. For information, visit the Bikes on Buses page.