Transit Driver Appreciation Day

March 17, 2021

March 18th is Transit Driver Appreciation Day, a national annual campaign to recognize the important contributions that transit drivers make to their communities.

Lawrence Transit drivers navigate traffic, construction, and weather to take passengers to the people and places they want to visit, but driving a bus is not all they do. They assist passengers in finding their stop or bus to transfer to and assist passengers who are disabled or elderly. They do all of this while keeping their passengers safe and staying on schedule.

Most importantly, being a Lawrence Transit driver means putting passengers first, no matter what.

“Our drivers are dedicated professionals who have continued to work every day during the pandemic and are absolutely essential to the continued success of our community. They go above and beyond by caring for their passengers. We absolutely appreciate their hard work and commitment to their job,” said Adam Weigel, Transit and Parking Manager.

On Thursday, March 18th, take the time to thank your driver and let them know how much they are appreciated, or post a message of appreciation on the Lawrence Transit Facebook page.

For more information, call (785) 864-4644. You can also find us on facebook: @lawrencetransit and on Twitter: @TransitKU.