Rider profile: Kaleb Knighton

October 24, 2018

For Kaleb Knighton, it’s cool working at the kiosk! The Merc’s kiosk that is, which is located inside the Lawrence Public Library across the street from Lawrence Transit’s main transfer center at 7th and Vermont.

Kaleb is a coffee barista, and many times the first point of contact for people when they enter the library. Quite often people have questions about the bus service and he is happy to help them. Kaleb is a regular bus rider, using the bus to get around town and to work, therefore he is very knowledgeable about the Lawrence Transit System.

“I love greeting people and answering their questions, especially about the bus,” Knighton says. “Some of the questions people ask are – when do the buses arrive, or when do they leave, or how much does it cost to ride the bus?”

Kaleb’s career as a barista brought him to Lawrence five years ago. He grew up in a small town in western Kansas which did not have bus service. He learned how to use transit after he moved here and never looked back. He also combines his commute with biking and walking, making it more fun and interesting.

“I own a car, but I prefer not to use it since I can save a lot of money by not driving,” he says. “I understand that it takes a little more work and responsibility, especially since you have to plan ahead more than just hopping in your car. It changes your perspective on commuting and you learn to appreciate it.”

We want to thank Kaleb Knighton for being a great transit ambassador!