Rider Profile: David Aber

December 9, 2013

Photo of David Aber

When David Aber began riding the bus, he had no idea how much it would benefit him. At first, he found riding the bus was a great way to get around town and save some money at the same time. But when a medical setback kept him from driving, he had to depend on the bus even more and found that it suited him just fine.

How long have you been riding the bus?

I have been riding the bus since 2004 on a part-time basis, but began riding the bus every day in 2007 after a medical condition kept me from driving. I am now able to drive again, but I prefer to take the bus to work and even ride the bus on my days off.

Which bus routes do you ride? How often?

I ride the route 3 to work at Lawrence Memorial Hospital where I work three days a week as a music therapist. On my days off, I ride the route 3 to downtown and transfer to other routes. Occasionally I walk to 6th Street and ride the route 6.

Where do you ride?

I ride the bus to work, shopping, and errands. I find that I can get just about anywhere in Lawrence on the bus, which allows my wife to use the one car that we own.

What is the one item you always bring with you on the bus?

I always bring my backpack and a safe drink container.

What is your favorite thing about riding the bus?

I get a chance to converse with others and enjoy friendly conversation while commuting. I also appreciate how drivers make safety a priority.

How do you benefit from using public transportation?

I find it more economically sound to purchase a monthly bus pass than to pay for gas, insurance, registration, taxes, and repairs on a vehicle. I also appreciate having the convenience of using the Route 3 flex route. After scheduling my ride, the bus picks me up at my home and drops me off in front of LMH. This is so much more convenient than driving.