Public Input Requested For Transit Route Redesign Study #1

December 23, 2020

In the Fall of 2020, Lawrence Transit began work on the first of two route redesign studies. These studies will help inform the development of a new multimodal transfer facility for buses. Survey #1 in September 2020 gathered information from 631 respondents about travel patterns and transit usage. Then, a KU Urban Planning class provided a literature review and data analysis before proposing three route redesign scenarios to generate public discussion on different bus route concepts for Lawrence. Please see for the full analysis and report.

Survey #2 is now available online through Lawrence Listens at The survey uses a new interactive feedback tool called “Remix” where you can add your comments directly onto the map. Answers to the survey are important regardless of how often, or if, you currently use the bus system.

“There are a few different concepts for how we can approach our routes and how frequently the bus comes along certain corridors.” said Adam Weigel, Transit & Parking Manager. “The public telling us what they like and don’t like about these different ideas will help us plan our routes, and ultimately, plan for our capacity needs at the new transfer facility.”

The City will engage with the community over the next year to collaboratively determine a new route structure for transit. Route Redesign Study #1 will lay the foundation for a consultant-led Route Redesign Study #2 in spring 2021 which will evaluate fixed route concepts as well as non-traditional forms of transit to encourage higher use of shared transportation.

Please visit for the latest information about Route Redesign Studies #1 & #2 and the Multimodal Transfer Facility project.