PTAC important for the future of transit

September 21, 2016

The Public Transit Advisory Committee (PTAC) provides important input and advice on crucial transit subjects for the Lawrence Transit System.

PTAC consists of nine volunteers who are transit advocates and are committed to the long-term success of public transportation in Lawrence. The committee includes citizens who ride the bus, employees who work at organizations where transit is important to the clientele, and people who just feel really strongly that a successful transit system is very important in Lawrence.

The Committee’s function is to advise the City Commission and city staff on public transit issues, such as proposed routes, service changes, ridership policies, fare structures, funding and budgets.

Public transit is a unique and ever-changing industry, with transit ridership on the rise nationwide. The committee takes the time to educate themselves on important transit issues and make appropriate comments and recommendations.

The committee members bring with them a wealth of experience, talent and commitment. Members include a local attorney who works with persons with disabilities, an architect who works in the area of planning and designing environments in educational, civic and community settings, a retired KU Urban Planning Professor, a Director of Life Enrichment at Cottonwood working with persons with disabilities, a KDOT senior squad leader who works in the transportation field, and a retired manufacturing employee who is a devoted and lifelong transit rider.

Zach Kelsay and John Augusto were recently appointed to PTAC by the Lawrence City Commission. Zach is the transportation coordinator at the KU Parking and Transit office. He rides his bike and uses the bus on a daily basis. He also advises students on how to use the bus on campus and works with all citizens on bus route planning. John Augusto is the Director for the Center for Undergraduate Research at KU. He is a strong transit supporter and regularly uses alternative transportation including busing and biking.