Night Line bus service extends public transportation options

July 18, 2013

Night Line bus service started June 1, and so far it has some dedicated fans. The new late night bus service operated by Lawrence Transit System provides bus service for those needing after-hours transportation.

Instead of walking to a bus stop, riders call in advance to schedule a trip, and the driver picks them up at a designated location.

“People appreciate the fact that bus service is now offered 24 hours a day,” said Robert Nugent, transit administrator. “We’ve had people signed up to ride from the first day.”

Jim Oroke works the night shift at Berry Plastics. Before Night Line began, Oroke would take the last available bus to work, which arrived three hours prior to the start of his 11 p.m. shift. He would read books to pass the time. On weekends, Oroke would lose an entire day catching up on sleep he missed during the week. Night Line will give him more flexibility in his schedule.

“It will give me my Saturdays back,” Oroke said. “Before I only had time to sleep. During the fall, I will be able to attend football games again.”

Night Line is available to the general public, and it can be used to travel to any destination in the city limits of Lawrence from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., Monday — Saturday.

Night Line is easy to use:

  • Schedule your ride in advance at (785) 312-7054. Call during business hours, Monday — Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Pay the driver $2 cash when they pick you up. Fare is cash only, and passes are not accepted.

Night Line is a one-year pilot project. Based on its success, it may be continued after that time.