Lawrence bus ridership increases more than any city in Kansas

August 7, 2015

Lawrence has been recognized by the Federal Transit Administration for the largest increase in ridership among urban transit providers in Kansas. The award is based on ridership in 2014 and was presented at the annual meeting of the Kansas Public Transit Association this week in Manhattan.

“By working together, the city and university transit systems have been able to provide service that is working for bus riders in Lawrence,” said Robert Nugent, transit administrator. “We are pleased that our community is recognizing the improvements we have made over the last several years, and that is being demonstrated with continued growth and ridership. With more improvements to amenities and quality of service in the future, we expect that even more people will discover the benefits of using public transit.”

Nugent said that he is amazed to reflect on the humble beginnings of the system when it started in 2000, compared with the present time when Lawrence has the most productive transit system in the State of Kansas.

Danny Kaiser, Associate Director of Parking and Transit at the University of Kansas, agrees that it is rewarding to have Lawrence recognized not only statewide but also on a national level.

“Coordination between KU on Wheels and the City’s transit system has resulted in a robust and growing product available to serve all members of the community,” said Kaiser. “It is a model that other university communities are using to develop their transit systems.”

City leaders from Missoula, Montana, Columbia, Missouri, and Lubbock, Texas have visited with Lawrence and KU transit leaders to gain insight on successful coordination strategies.