City employee enjoys commute on bus

August 8, 2014

Beverly Mumford enjoys riding the bus so much that she often takes the long way home. “It gives me an opportunity to unwind for the day,” says Mumford, who works at the East Lawrence Recreation Center.

What she likes about riding the bus is getting to know the bus drivers, meeting other bus riders, and helping those who need assistance navigating the bus system. “I’ve learned the bus drivers’ names,” she says. “I’ve met nice people—very nice people. It’s just been a joy.”

Mumford began riding when she no longer had a car, but she has no plans to get another vehicle anytime soon. The bus is just fine with her.

“It provides everything that I need,” Mumford says. “It takes me anywhere that I want to go, all over town.”

Mumford rides the Night Line bus to work in the morning so she can arrive in plenty of time. On the way home after work, she often stops at the Douglas County Senior Center, visits her sister, or runs errands using the bus.

Her four-year-old great-grandson is also a fan of the bus. “We call it bus hopping,” she says. “We just ride from bus to bus and do a loop around the city. Sometimes we go to North Lawrence. He likes to see the trains.”

They take the long way home together, talking with the bus drivers, meeting new people, seeing the city.

How long have you been riding the bus?
I have been riding the bus about 5 years.

Which bus routes do you ride? How often?
I have ridden each route at one time or another. I ride the Night Line and Routes 1, 6, 7 and 9 on a regular basis.

Where do you ride?
I ride to work, run errands, and visit family. I ride the bus to anywhere I need to go and sometimes my great-grandson and I just ride for fun.

What is one item you always bring with you on the bus?
My Nook or any book. I always try to have something to read while I’m riding on the bus.

What is your favorite thing about riding the bus?
I get to relax and read a lot.

How do you benefit from using public transportation?
I save on gas, car insurance, car tags and I don’t have the responsibilities that driving brings. It also gives me the opportunity to do more walking.