Central Station safety measures; community partners develop first naloxone vending machine in Douglas County

February 26, 2024

Operations are going well at the recently opened Central Station. A few new safety measures are in place, and Lawrence Transit would like the public to be aware of them, including:

  • A naloxone vending machine, dispensing medication designed to rapidly reverse opioid overdose
  • An automated external defibrillator (AED), used to revive someone from sudden cardiac arrest
  • A storm shelter, available for anyone on the property during inclement weather
  • A first aid kit, for minor injuries

The naloxone vending machine is the result of a collaboration between The City of Lawrence, Lawrence Transit, Douglas County Government, DCCCA and Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health. Naloxone, also known as Narcan, is a medication designed to rapidly reverse opioid overdose. This innovative approach aims to provide immediate first response to opioid overdoses and save lives within the Lawrence community.

The naloxone vending machine is accessible at the Lawrence Transit Central Station, located at Bob Billings and Crestline Drive, on the south side of the building. To access the free naloxone in this machine, just enter your zip code on the key pad.

“This naloxone vending machine is a significant step forward in combating opioid-related fatalities in our community,” said Bob Tryanski, Director of Behavioral Health Projects for Douglas County. “By providing immediate access to naloxone, we empower Douglas County residents to take an active role in saving lives and promoting public health.”

This initiative underscores the commitment of Lawrence’s local government and community organizations to proactively tackle the challenges posed by substance abuse. By making it readily available through this vending machine, individuals will have quick access to a life-saving intervention in critical situations.

“DCCCA is an organization dedicated to providing substance abuse treatment and prevention services,” Chrissy Mayer, DCCCA Chief Community Based Services Officer, said. “We recognize the importance of reducing the harm caused by opioid misuse and are proud to partner with this critical endeavor.”

“Lawrence Transit is honored to support programs that enhance public safety and well-being,” said Adam Weigel, Transit & Parking Manager. “We believe that by making naloxone easily accessible through our transit facilities, we can contribute to a safer environment for all passengers.”

For more information on the ongoing efforts to address the opioid crisis or to request naloxone kits, please visit