Birthdays and buses make for a great day

July 11, 2013

Sometimes you can learn a lot from a two-year-old.

Two-year-old Rocky loves buses. When he is in the car, he is always looking out the window for buses and calls out “bus” to his mom when he sees a big blue bus go by. That’s why his parents decided that a bus ride on The T would be a great birthday present for him.

They decided to take the Route 6, which travels along 6th Street to downtown. Along for the ride that day was Rocky’s mom and dad, Tai and Ryan Edwards, and his grandfather, Bruce Gerhart.

Once they were downtown, they celebrated Rocky’s birthday with cookies at Mrs. Fields. Afterwards, they made the short journey home, again on the bus, much to the delight of Rocky.

The grown-ups were very surprised to find that they also enjoyed the trip and found a lot of friendly people and other children on the bus.

And what did little Rocky think? “He talked about it for weeks afterward,” said his mom. “He told everyone that he rode the big blue bus for his birthday.”

Riding the bus can be fun, save money on gas, reduce congestion on the road, and you can meet a lot of great people.

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