State and county orders require masks on buses and at bus stops

July 2, 2020

Both the State of Kansas and Douglas County have issued orders making it mandatory to wear face masks in public places. These orders will go into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 3.

Buses and bus stops are included as public places in the guidelines. The language in both orders specifies that a person should cover their mouth and nose with a mask while they are “waiting for or riding on public transportation or while in a taxi, private car service, or ride-sharing vehicle.”

Lawrence Transit has already been asking passengers to wear masks while on the bus and has been providing disposable masks for those who do not have one.

“We have been working closely with drivers and passengers over the last few months to respond to challenges and keep our buses clean and safe,” said Adam Weigel, Transit & Parking Manager. “Wearing masks is one of the simplest and most important things that we all can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We’ll continue to provide disposable masks for anyone who uses the bus service, but we are also willing to help connect passengers to a more durable long-term mask option if they are having trouble finding one.”