New buses on the road in Lawrence

April 2, 2015

Lawrence Transit has introduced three new 30-foot Gillig buses to its fleet. These buses hit the road on March 20 and can be seen on several routes around town.

“We are replacing several older Eldorado buses that have been in use for 15 years and have twice the recommended mileage,” said Robert Nugent, Transit Administrator. “The new buses are low floor, which makes them easier to board for the elderly and those using mobility devices.

Two of the buses are clean burning diesel and one of the buses is a hybrid, meaning it runs on both diesel and electric. The hybrid bus is painted with the distinctive green color on the back.

The new buses are equipped with internal and external security cameras for better safety. Each bus seats 26 passengers, and they have plenty of room for standing passengers. The buses run quieter, have a smoother ride and are more fuel efficient than the buses they are replacing.