Frequency increases on Route 7

February 24, 2016

Bus riders who use Route 7 will be pleased to learn that it now operates twice as often. Lawrence Transit recently increased the frequency of the route from every 60 minutes to every 30 minutes.

“Ridership on Route 7 has been steadily growing,” said Robert Nugent, transit administrator. “When we look at ways to improve bus service, we are trying to match our resources with ridership numbers. It is definitely one of our higher performing routes.”

Route 7 travels between downtown and 31st & Iowa. It serves a high school and two middle schools, and it connects people to important community resources.

Nugent said a couple of other routes are experiencing high ridership levels and may be considered for improvement soon. “We will be seeking to increase the frequency on Route 5 and Route 10 in the future,” he said.

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