Bus drivers recognized for service

February 27, 2015

Drivers for the Lawrence Transit System paratransit service, or T Lift, spend their days taking passengers to and from locations all over town. One agency the drivers frequently work with is Cottonwood, Inc. On a recent winter day, Cottonwood held a Driver Appreciation Day to recognize the important service provided by these dedicated staff members.

Courtney Herron, Work Service Program Facilitator, said many of the people she helps at Cottonwood rely on the transit system to get to work, appointments, and other places.

“We truly are thankful for the amazing kindness shared by all of your drivers,” she said. “They endure rain, shine, snow, traffic, and an occasional bad mood by a rider yet pick everyone up with a smile on their face, drop them off, walk them to the door and tell them to have a great day.”

Drivers received cards signed by the passengers, a Cottonwood cup with a hot chocolate packet and two snacks for the road. Herron said the organization plans to repeat the activity again in the future.

“We look forward to making this an annual event for hard working people,” she said. “Thank you all with Lawrence Transit System who help our consumers live out our mission statement: We help people with disabilities shape their own future.”