Downtown reroute for Kansas Relays Event

From Thursday, April 16th through Saturday, April 19th, Downtown Lawrence will host the Kansas Relays Shot Put Event. It will take place in the 100 block of East 8th including the intersection of New Hampshire. The following routes will deviate from their normal path:

  • Route 6 Inbound: From 6th Street, right on Tennessee, left on 9th, left on Vermont to the Downtown transfer point.
  • Route 7 Outbound: From 7th Street, right on Connecticut, right on 11th, left on Massachusetts, and back on route.
  • Route 11 Inbound: From 11th Street, left on Vermont and back on route.

Routes 6 and 11

Due to construction at 9th and New Hampshire, Routes 6 and 11 will detour from 9th Street. Buses will use 8th Street instead. Reroute will continue for the duration of road closures.

Route 36

Due to the construction near Indiana and Mississippi streets, Route 36 will be on the following reroute until construction is finished:

  • Inbound from 9th Street: left on 10th to Indiana, right on Indiana and back on route.
  • Outbound from Kansas Union: right on 13th, left on Louisiana, left on 11th, right on Indiana, left on 10th and back on route.