Route 42

Due to an unexpected road closure, Route 42 is bypassing West Campus Road & 11th Street by the stadium. Reroute is as follows: From the fountain, continue east on Jayhawk Blvd to Union North, to 13th to Louisiana, to westbound 11th down to Mississippi, then south on Mississippi to normal route.

Routes 11 and 38

Due to the long-term closure of 19th Street between Naismith and Iowa beginning on 3/11, Routes 11 and 38 will be on the following reroutes:

Route 11 (will miss stops on West Campus and 19th Street)

Northbound from Naismith: Continue past 19th, left on 18th left on Irving Hill Rd., right on Engel, right on 15th, right on Burdick, left on Irving Hill Rd., to normal route. Southbound from Naismith Hill: Right on 15th, remain on 15th to Engel, left on Engel, left on Irving Hill Rd., right on 18th, right on Naismith, remain on Naismith to normal route.

Route 38 (will miss stops on Stewart Ave.)

Northbound from 23rd and Ousdahl: Right on 21st, left on Naismith, left on 18th, continue on 18th to normal route. Northbound from Irving Hill Rd./18th: Continue on 18th past Ousdahl, right on Naismith, right on 21st, left on Ousdahl to normal route.