Route 5

Due to road construction at 23rd and Iowa, Route 5 will be on reroute, as follows:

  • North/Eastbound from Iowa: Right on 24th, left on Ridge Ct., right on 23rd to Hobby Lobby stop and normal route.
  • West/Southbound from 23rd: Left on Ousdahl, right on 25th, left on Iowa to normal route.

Route 7

Due to a road closure in the 900 block of New Hampshire Street, Route 7 is being detoured. The reroute is as follows: Southbound on New Hampshire to 9th, left on 9th, right on Connecticut, right on 11th, left on Massachusetts and back to normal route.

Routes 10

Due to road construction on Jayhawk Boulevard, Route 10 will be on reroute. Buses will use Sunnyside Avenue instead of Jayhawk Boulevard.

Routes 11, 41

Due to road construction at Jayhawk Boulevard and Irving Hill Road, Routes 11 and 41 will be on reroute. Effective Monday, June 30.

Map for Routes 11, 41 (PDF)

Route 43

Due to construction, Route 43 will begin operating on Monday, June 30 and continue for the duration of the summer. Slight adjustments to routing and timing will be necessary.

Map for Route 43 (PDF)