Reroutes on KU campus

Until mid-January 2017, the following reroutes will be in effect due to closure of Naismith between 15th & Crescent:

Routes 10 & 11
Outbound from Downtown: From Jayhawk Blvd, Left on Sunflower, Right on Sunnyside, continue onto northbound Naismith, Left on 15th to normal route. Inbound to Downtown: From eastbound 15th, Right on Naismith, continue straight onto Sunnyside, Left on Sunflower, Right on Jayhawk Blvd and normal route.

Route 29
Route 29 will be bypassing Jayhawk Blvd, taking Sunflower and Sunnyside to the Union and back outbound. Riders looking for Route 29 should catch it on Sunflower Rd. near the intersection of Sunflower and Jayhawk Blvd.

Route 41
Route will cover Jayhawk Blvd as usual but will turn completely around at the fountain and return via Jayhawk Blvd to Sunflower and Sunnyside.